Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 9900574

Status: Closed Type: Tariff -- Other
Section: Section5 Panel: none


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
01/14/00 Initial Order of the Hearing Officer - Revised. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 148kb
12/16/99 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.'s Notice of Withdrawal of Tariff Filing and Notice of Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 66kb
12/03/99 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.'s First Data Requests to Consumer Advocate Division. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 402kb
12/03/99 Discovery Request to BellSouth Telecommunications. Unknown 466kb
12/03/99 Order Appointing a Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 41kb
12/01/99 Issues Matrix. Unknown 231kb
12/01/99 Discovery Request to BellSouth Telecommunications. Unknown 517kb
11/29/99 Issues Matrix from BellSouth. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 90kb
11/29/99 Issues Matrix. Unknown 216kb
11/24/99 Order Granting the Petition of Consumer Advocate Division for Leave to Intervene. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 46kb
11/24/99 Order Re-Suspending Tariff Through March 7, 2000. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 30kb
11/22/99 Discovery Request and Request for Information to Tennessee Regulatory Authority. Unknown 539kb
11/22/99 Discovery Request to BellSouth Telecommunications. Unknown 513kb
11/22/99 Response in Opposition to BellSouth Motion to Limit Discovery and Objection to Notice and Schedule or Alternative Request for BellSouth To Provide Only that Information Not in Possession of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. Unknown 131kb
11/19/99 Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference and Filing Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 66kb
11/05/99 Motion by BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. for Order Limiting the Parties to No More Than Thirty (30) Discovery Requests, Including Subparts. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 181kb
11/01/99 Answer of BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. to Complaint, or Alternatively, Petition to Intervene and Petition of Injunctive Relief. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 181kb
10/29/99 Objections to Limits Imposed by the Executive Secretary and Request to Effect Discovery in Accord with the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure. Unknown 987kb
10/22/99 Motion for Extension of Time and Continuance and for Pre-Hearing Conference. Unknown 57kb
10/15/99 Letter from TRA Staff to Facilitate Required Filing Dates. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 45kb
10/13/99 Order Re-Suspending Tariff Sixty (60) Days Through December 5, 1999. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 29kb
10/11/99 Letter from TRA Staff to a Concerned Consumer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 58kb
10/07/99 Response to Motion to Deny and Dismiss. Unknown 230kb
09/22/99 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.'s Motion to Deny Request to Convene a Contested Case, Dismiss the "Complaint, or Alternatively, Petition to Intervene and Petition of Injunction Relief," and Approve BellSouth's Proposed Tariff. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1383kb
09/21/99 Order Suspending Tariff No. 99-00574 Thirty (30) Days. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 33kb
09/16/99 Letter from BellSouth to CAD Regarding Filing Response on Wednesday, September 22, 1999. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 21kb
08/31/99 Complaint, or Alternatively, Petition to Intervene and Petition of Injunctive Relief. Unknown 362kb
08/30/99 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.'s Responses to Data Requests. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 113kb
08/23/99 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 28kb