Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 1200102

Status: Closed Type: Complaint -- Complaint
Section: Section4 Panel: Allison,Hilliard,Kyle


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
02/07/13 Order Granting Joint Motion To Dismiss Amended Complaint & Counterclaim & Closes The Docket File. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 15kb
02/05/13 Joint Motion To Dismiss Amended Complaint And Counterclaim. BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC 88kb
01/25/13 Status Report. Budget PrePay, Inc. 54kb
11/26/12 Notice Of Cancellation Of Status Conference. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 16kb
11/26/12 Order Holding Docket In Abeyance And Directing Parties To Provide Status Updates. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 14kb
11/26/12 Letter Requesting Proceedings Be Held In Abeyance. Budget PrePay, Inc. 42kb
11/20/12 Order Convening A Contested Case And Appointing A Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 13kb
11/20/12 Notice Of Status Conference. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 20kb
11/20/12 At&t Tennessee's Opposition To Budget's Motion To Dismiss Counterclaim. BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC 1001kb
11/16/12 Four Star Marketing, LLC's Petition To Intervene. Four Star Marketing, LLC 102kb
11/15/12 AT&T Tennessee's Motion To Set Status Conference And Establish Procedural Schedule. BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC 587kb
11/15/12 AT&T Tennessee's Motion For Summary Judgment. BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC 1767kb
11/13/12 Affidavits For Permission To Practice Pro Hac Vice. Budget PrePay, Inc. 304kb
11/13/12 Budget PrePay, Inc.'s Motion To Dismiss AT&T Counterclaim. Budget PrePay, Inc. 725kb
11/13/12 Budget PrePay, Inc.'s Answer To AT&T Counterclaim. Budget PrePay, Inc. 184kb
10/11/12 Answer And Counterclaim Of AT&T Tennessee. BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC 499kb
09/18/12 Amended Complaint. Budget PrePay, Inc. 218kb
08/27/12 Complaint Of Budget Prepay, Inc. Budget PrePay, Inc. 924kb