Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 1000136

Status: Closed Type: Other -- Other
Section: Section2 Panel: Roberson,Hill,Freeman


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
11/19/10 Order Approving Tariffs. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 40kb
09/03/10 AT&T Tennessee's Response To TRA Letter Of August 10, 2010. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 26kb
08/30/10 CenturyTel Acquisitions LLC D/b/a CenturyLink Acquisition's Revisions To Tariff No. 1. CenturyTel Acquisition LLC 32kb
08/30/10 MountaiNet's Calculations For Flow-through Tax Equity Payment. MountaiNet Telephone Company 30kb
08/24/10 TW Telecom of Tennessee LLC's Response To Data Request (Confidential on File in Docket Office). TW Telecom Of Tennessee Llc 1338kb
08/18/10 Correction For The Tariff Of Millington Telephone Company. Millington Telephone Company, Inc. 35kb
08/18/10 Loretto Telephone Company's Tariff Pages. Loretto Telephone Company 75kb
08/18/10 Data Response Of TDS Telecom. TDS Telecom 1650kb
08/18/10 MountaiNet's Filing Concerning Flow-through Tax Equity Payments. MountaiNet Telephone Company 30kb
08/17/10 Response Of Zayo Bandwidth / Memphis Networx, LLC To Letter Dated July 10, 2010. Zayo Group Holdings Inc. 700kb
08/10/10 Revised Tariff Filing of CenturyTel Of Adamsville, Inc.; CenturyTel Of Claiborne, Inc.; And CenturyTel Ooltewah-Collegedale, Inc. All dba CenturyLink. CenturyTel of Adamsville 479kb
08/10/10 United Telephone Southeast, LLC dba CenturyLink Revised Tariff Filing (Confidential on file in Docket Office). United Telephone Southeast, LLC 377kb
08/10/10 Charter Fiberlink - Tennessee, LLC Revised Tariff Filing (Confidential Under Seal In Docket Office). Charter Fiberlink-Tennessee, LLC 47kb
08/10/10 CenturyLink Is Revising Calculation Of Property Tax Flow Thru To Tariff (Confidential On File In Docket Office). CenturyLink 720kb
08/10/10 Loretto Telephone Company, Inc. Filing Of Tariff Pages Necessary For The Completion Of The Ad Valorem Tax Reduction Act Filing. Loretto Telephone Company 55kb
08/10/10 Ardmore Telephone Company, Inc. Revised Tariff Filing. Ardmore Telephone Company 171kb
08/09/10 Letter From Kathy Sager To David Foster Stating ATT Tennessee Will File 1010 Ad Valorem Data Response The First Week Of September, 2010. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 16kb
08/09/10 United Telephone Company Refiling of Revised Tariff Filing. United Telephone Company, Inc. 51kb
08/06/10 Ben Lomand Revised Tariff Filing Ben Lomand Communications, LLC 92kb
08/06/10 Citizens Telecommunications Company Of Tennessee Revised Tariff Filing. Frontier Communications of Tennessee 46kb
08/06/10 Citizens Telecommunications Company Of The Volunteer State Revised Tariff Filing Frontier Communications Of The Volunteer State 30kb
08/04/10 Revised Tariff Of VolFirst. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 55kb
08/04/10 United Telephone Company Revised Tariff Filing United Telephone Company, Inc. 46kb
08/04/10 XO Communications Services, Inc. Revised Tariff Filing XO Communications Services, Inc. 32kb
08/04/10 Citizens Filing Of Calculations To CTC-Vol (Confidential On File In Docket Office). Frontier Communications Co. of TN/Volunteer 16kb
08/04/10 Citizens Filing Of Calculations To CTC-TN (Confidential On File In Docket Office). Frontier Communications of Tennessee 15kb
07/09/10 TRA Letter Asking Companies To File Appropriate Tariffs Reflecting Annual Price Reductions No Later Than August 10, 2010. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 309kb
07/09/10 Letters To Companies Reminding Them To Revise Its Business Rates. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 286kb