Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0800192

Status: Closed Type: Other -- Other
Section: Section2 Panel: Kyle,Roberson,Freeman


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
02/03/09 Order Of Dismissal. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 12kb
02/02/09 Tw Telecom Of Tennessee, LLC And TCTA Has Been Working With AT&T To Establish Stipulations, But Responses Have Been Too Generalized. TN Cable Telecommunications Assoc. 61kb
02/02/09 CompSouth Will Not File A Brief On This Issue At This Time But May Request Permission To File A Reply Once AT&T Has Responded. CompSouth 48kb
02/02/09 AT&T's Notice Of Withdrawal Of Petition. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.- COCOT 44kb
02/02/09 Brief Of The TN Cable Telecommunications Association Addressing The Authority's Jurisdiction To Exempt AT&T's Bundles. TN Cable Telecommunications Assoc. 146kb
02/02/09 CAD's Brief On Whether The TRA Has The Jurisdiction To Exempt AT&T From Statutory Requirements. Consumer Advocate Division 233kb
01/29/09 Protective Order. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 89kb
01/23/09 Order Establishing List Of Issues And Setting A Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 230kb
01/08/09 Order Granting Sprint Nextel's Petition For Leave To Intervene. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 21kb
12/12/08 Nuvox Communications, In.c Joins In The Issues List Submitted By CompSouth. NuVox Communications, Inc. 48kb
12/12/08 Complaint Received By The Consumer Services Division Voicing Opposition To AT&T's Petition. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 43kb
12/11/08 CompSouth Proposed Issues List. Compsouth 384kb
12/11/08 TISPA Believes That The Comments Filed By Other Interveners Are Representative Of Those Urged By TISPA. ITSPA 190kb
12/11/08 Proposed Issues List Filed On Behalf Of The Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association. Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association 271kb
12/11/08 Proposed Issues List And Comment Regarding Standard For Competition Necessary To Exempt Regulated Services Filed On Behalf Of Tw Telecom Of Tennessee LLC. Tw Telecom Of Tennessee Llc 298kb
12/11/08 CAD's Proposed Issues List And Standard For Finding That Competition Is An Effective Regulator Of Prices. Consumer Advocate Division 52kb
12/10/08 Sprint Nextel's Petition For Leave To Intervene. Sprint Nextel Corporation 46kb
12/09/08 Proposed Protective Order From The CAD. Consumer Advocate Division 118kb
12/04/08 Order Granting Petitions To Intervene And Establishing A Preliminary Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 49kb
12/04/08 AT&T's Proposed Issues List And Statement Regarding Standard For Finding Competition Sufficient To Exempt Services. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 204kb
12/02/08 Proposed Protective Order Acceptable To All Parties Except The CAD. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 435kb
12/01/08 Transcript Of The Proceedings, Monday, November 24, 2008. Accurate Court Reporting N/A
11/26/08 AT&T Tennessee Does Not Seek An Exemption From T.C.A. 65-5-107. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 60kb
11/25/08 Order Convening A Contested Case And Appointing A Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 17kb
11/17/08 Petition To Intervene. Tennessee Cable Telecommunication Association 122kb
11/10/08 Notice Of Status Conference. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 21kb
11/03/08 CAD's Petition To Intervene. Consumer Advocate Division 33kb
10/24/08 Petition To Intervene Of Nuvox Communications, Inc. NuVox Communications, Inc. 58kb
10/24/08 AT&T's Response To CompSouth's Petition To Intervene. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 42kb
10/23/08 Tennessee Internet Service Provider Associations, Inc.'s Petition To Intervene. Tennessee Internet Service Provider Associations, Inc. 173kb
10/23/08 Petition Of TW Telecom Of Tennessee LLC For Leave To Intervene. Tw Telecom Of Tennessee Llc 29kb
10/22/08 Petition To Intervene Of CompSouth. CompSouth 68kb
10/20/08 Concerned Citizen's Opinion Regarding ATT's Petition. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 10kb
10/09/08 Petition. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 558kb