Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0800012

Status: Closed Type: Other -- Other
Section: Section1 Panel: Kyle,Roberson,Freeman


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
04/23/10 Copy Of Letter From Chattanooga Gas Regarding Sequent's Response To Potential Extension Of Current Asset Management Agreement Filed In Docket No. 10-00049. Chattanooga Gas Company 129kb
07/15/08 Order Approving Asset Management And Agency Agreement. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 96kb
02/28/08 Transcript Of Status Conference, Monday, February 11, 2008. Nashville Court Reporters N/A
02/22/08 CGC's Reply To The CAD's Brief. Chattanooga Gas Company 603kb
02/22/08 CAD's Reply Brief. Consumer Advocate Division 48kb
02/20/08 CAD's Brief. Consumer Advocate Division 123kb
02/20/08 CGC's Brief Requesting Approval Of The Pending Asset Management Agreement. Chattanooga Gas Company 378kb
02/15/08 CGC's Data Responses Propounded By The CAD On February 11, 2008. Chattanooga Gas Company 27kb
02/13/08 Chattanooga Gas' Data Response (Confidential On File In Docket Office). Chattanooga Gas Company 25kb
02/12/08 Order Setting Issues For Resolution, Discovery And Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 61kb
02/11/08 CAD's Statement Of Issues. Consumer Advocate Division 21kb
02/11/08 CAD's Discovery Request. Consumer Advocate Division 31kb
02/08/08 CAD's Status Report. Consumer Advocate Division 27kb
02/08/08 Chattanooga Gas Company's Status Report. Chattanooga Gas Company 172kb
02/08/08 Notice Of Status Conference. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 36kb
02/01/08 Order Granting CAD's Petition To Intervene. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 28kb
02/01/08 Agreed Protective Order. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 141kb
02/01/08 Agreed Proposed Protective Order. Chattanooga Gas Company 781kb
02/01/08 Order Convening A Contested Case And Appointing A Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 37kb
02/01/08 CGC's Data Response (Confidential On File In Docket Office). Chattanooga Gas Company 47kb
02/01/08 CGC's Redacted Version Of The Asset Management And Agency Agreement Resulting From The RFP. Chattanooga Gas Company 1954kb
01/29/08 CAD's Petition To Intervene. Consumer Advocate Division 35kb
01/28/08 Proposed Protective Order. Chattanooga Gas Company 297kb
01/18/08 Notice Of Reassignment Of Panels. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 48kb
01/16/08 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 58kb
01/14/08 Annual Incentive Plan (Under Seal In Docket Office). Chattanooga Gas Company 37kb