Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0700170

Status: Closed Type: Other -- Other
Section: Section 5 Panel: Kyle,Roberson,Freeman


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
08/07/09 Spreadsheet To Track Past And Current Year Reductions Of Payments. PaeTec Communications, Inc. 25kb
12/14/07 Order Approving Tariffs. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 95kb
09/24/07 UTSE Indicates That No Addtional Rate Adjustment Is Requried At This Time. United Telephone - Southeast 19kb
09/17/07 United Telephone Company Is Revising The Calculation Of Property Tax Flow-thru. United Telephone Company, Inc. 115kb
09/06/07 Letter To Correct Typos In Revised Tariff Sheets. Loretto Telephone Company 63kb
08/30/07 Replacement Tariff Sheet Ofmillington Telephone Company. Millington Telephone Company, Inc. 86kb
08/24/07 Frontier's Filing Of Calculations To CTC-TN Anc CTC-VS (Confidential, On File In Docket Office). Frontier Communications of America 30kb
08/16/07 TDS Telecom's Response Regarding Tariffs And Supporting Documentation Reflecting The Net Property Tax Savings Passed To Customers. TDS TELECOM Companies 233kb
08/16/07 Ardmore Telephone Is Requesting That No Changes Be Made To Existing Tariffs. Ardmore Telephone Company 37kb
08/15/07 Revised Filing Of Loretto Telephone Company Related To The 2007-2008 Property Tax Calculation. Loretto Telephone Company 121kb
08/15/07 Tariff Revision Of Ben Lomand Communications. Ben Lomand Communications, Inc. 150kb
08/13/07 Price Adjusted Rate For Monthly Recurring Charges And Norecurring Charges Offered To TWTC Business Customers During Period Of October 1, 2007 Through September 30, 2008. Time Warner Telecom of the MidSouth, LLC 616kb
08/13/07 Request For Approval To Adjust Monthly Price. Millington Telephone Company, Inc. 605kb
08/13/07 Property Tax Calculations - Net Pass Through Amounts, Effective October 1, 2007. Centurytel 2516kb
08/13/07 Letter From Time Warner Telecom Of The Mid-South, LLC Containing Rate Information (Proprietary, Under Seal). Time Warner Telecom of the MidSouth, LLC 64kb
08/10/07 Ad Valorem Tax Equity Payments Of United Telephone-Southeast, Inc. D/b/a Embarq (Confidential On File In Docket Office). United Telephone - Southeast 31kb
08/09/07 Revised Tariff Pages On Behalf Of West Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc. West Tennessee Telephone Co. 109kb
08/08/07 Revised Tariff Pages On Behalf Of Peoples Telephone Company . Peoples Telephone Company 94kb
08/08/07 Revised Tariff Pages On Behalf Of Crockett Telephone Company. Crockett Telephone Company 79kb
07/30/07 AT&T Indicate That No Additional Rate Adjustment Is Needed At This Time (Proprietary On File In Docket Office). BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 31kb
07/19/07 Letters To Companies Concerning Tax Equity Payments Resulting From TN Code Annotated 67-6-222. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 348kb
07/19/07 Letters To Companies Concerning TN Law Requiring Companies To Revise Its Business Rates Effective October 1, 2007. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 372kb