Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0500284

Status: Closed Type: Rule Making -- Rule Making
Section: Section1 Panel: Kyle,Roberson,Miller


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
03/23/12 Notice Of Administrative Closure. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 39kb
06/14/07 Rule As Submitted To Attorney General For Approval. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 317kb
04/25/07 Comments Of AT&T Regarding Director Jones' Suggested Modifications To The Proposed ETC Rules. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 647kb
04/16/07 Director Ron Jones' Suggested Modification Tothe Proposed Rules. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 107kb
04/16/07 Draft Rules. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 78kb
03/12/07 Tennessee Rural Coalition's Proposed Rule Revision Concerning Proposed TRA Rule 1220-4-15. Tennessee Rural Coalition 404kb
03/12/07 Comments By UTSE D/b/a Embarq. United Telephone - Southeast 76kb
03/12/07 Post-Hearing Comments Of Sprint Nextel Corporation And Is Subsidiary NPCR Inc. Sprint Nextel Corporation 244kb
03/09/07 Transcript Of Proceedings, Monday, February 26, 2007. Nashville Court Reporters N/A
02/26/07 UTSE's Proposed Version Of Rules To Establish Criteria For Designating ETCs In Tennessee. United Telephone - Southeast 346kb
02/22/07 Reminder Notice Of Rulemaking. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 37kb
12/27/06 Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 422kb
08/09/06 Comments Of Ben Lomand Communications, Inc. Ben Lomand Communications, Inc. 52kb
08/09/06 Comments Of The Tennessee Rural Coalition. Rural Coalition 578kb
08/08/06 Comments Of AT&T. AT&T Communications of the South Central States (IXC) 100kb
08/07/06 Comments Of United Telephone-Southeast, Inc. D/b/a Embarq. United Telephone - Southeast 470kb
08/07/06 Comments Of Sprint Nextel And NPCR Inc. On The Draft Rules. Sprint Nextel Corporation 156kb
08/04/06 Coalition Members Are In The Process Of Consolidating Comments. Rural Coalition 39kb
07/24/06 Draft Rules. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 280kb