Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0500253

Status: Closed Type: Audit -- Audit
Section: Section 5 Panel: Kyle,Senate Appointee,Jones


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
12/06/07 Order Approving Tariff. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 81kb
12/05/07 Order Closing Dockets And Moving Remaining Issues To A New Docket. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 79kb
08/24/07 Letter From Atmos Energy Corp. Regarding Docket To Consider Phase II Issues. Atmos Energy Corporation 149kb
06/21/07 Petition To Intervene Of Stand Energy Corporation And The Application Of John M. Dosker To Appear Pro Hac Vice. Stand Energy Corporation 175kb
06/21/07 CAD's Comments On The Company's Tariff To Implement RFP Procedures For The Selection Of An Asset Manager. Consumer Advocate Division 44kb
06/14/07 Order Approving Notice Of Clarification Of Audit Report. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 228kb
06/12/07 Copy Of Tariff. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 366kb
05/07/07 Letter From Richard Collier To Misty Smith Kelley. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 34kb
04/12/07 Atmos Energy's Verified Supplementation Of The Record. Atmos Energy Corporation 222kb
04/12/07 Atmos Energy's Request For A Technical Workshop. Atmos Energy Corporation 193kb
04/05/07 Atmos Energy's Request For Tariff Amendment. Atmos Energy Corporation 390kb
03/16/07 Notice Of Oral Argument. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 49kb
02/06/07 Company Supports Staff's Finding With Regards To Filing Timely Gas Procurement Agreements. Atmos Energy Corporation 28kb
01/30/07 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 40kb
01/30/07 Notice Of Clarification Of Filing By The Utilities Division Of The TRA. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 158kb
01/04/07 Notes To File. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 51kb
12/07/06 Order Adopting ACA Audit Report. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 139kb
11/20/06 Atmos Intervention Group Joins In The Brief Submitted By The CAD. Atmos Intervention Group 77kb
11/20/06 Brief Of CAD On The Appropriate Forum To Address Asset Management Issues. Consumer Advocate Division 146kb
11/20/06 Brief Of Chattanooga Gas Regarding The Appropriate Forum To Consider Proposed Phase II Issues. Chattanooga Gas Company 101kb
11/07/06 Notice Of Filing. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 41kb
10/10/06 Response Of Atmos Intervention Group To September 29, 2006 Filing Of Atmos Energy Corporation. Atmos Intervention Group 148kb
10/09/06 Atmos Is Request This Docket Be Placed On The October 16,2006 Agenda. Atmos Energy Corporation 34kb
10/04/06 Objection Of CAD To Atmos Energy's Request For Implementation Of The Order Of The Authority. Consumer Advocate Division 98kb
10/02/06 Atmos Energy's Request For Implementation Of The Order Of The TRA. Atmos Energy Corporation 331kb
09/13/06 Transcript Excerpt Containing The Panel's May 15, 2006 Ruling Filed By Atmos. Atmos Energy Corporation 184kb
09/11/06 Atmos Is Ready To Meet At Staff's Earliest Convenience And Seeks Direction As To Who They Should Contact To Begin That Process. Atmos Energy Corporation 82kb
06/14/06 Memorandum To File. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 40kb
05/10/06 Atmos' Response To Staff Audit Report . Atmos Energy Corporation 274kb
05/02/06 Atmos Energy Actual Cost Adjustment Audit Report Revision. Atmos Energy Corporation 592kb
04/21/06 Notice Of Filing By The Utilities Division Of The Tennessee Regulatory Authority. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 592kb
02/22/06 Memorandum Extending Audit Of Atmos Energy Corp's ACA. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 36kb
01/06/06 Protective Order. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 55kb
01/04/06 Order Convening A Contested Case And Appointing A Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 32kb
09/15/05 Audit Atmos Energy Corporation 32kb