Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0500152

Status: Closed Type: Other -- Other
Section: Panel: Kyle,Miller,Jones


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
11/03/05 Order Granting Joint Motion To Dismiss. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 209kb
11/01/05 UTSE And TIB's Joint Motion To Dismiss. United Telephone - Southeast 93kb
10/17/05 Protective Order. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 303kb
10/13/05 UTSE's Motion For Adoption Of Protective Order. United Telephone - Southeast 167kb
09/19/05 Notice Of Cancellation Of Oral Argument. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 27kb
09/19/05 Order Holding Proceedings And Procedural Schedule In Abeyance. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 56kb
09/19/05 United Telephone - Southeast, Inc. And The Information Bureau, Inc. Have Settled And Parties Request That You Hold This Matter And Procedural Schedule In Abeyance Until The Parties Can Finalize A Written Settlement Agreement. United Telephone - Southeast 32kb
09/02/05 Order Modifying Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 76kb
09/02/05 Parties Are Engaged In Good Faith Settlement Negotiations. Sprint Communications, Co. L.P. 47kb
08/24/05 Order Appointing A Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 45kb
08/23/05 Notice Of Hearing (Oct. 17) Filed With The Secretary Of State. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 108kb
08/23/05 Notice Of Rescheduling Of Oral Argument. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 41kb
08/11/05 Notice Of Hearing Filed With The Secretary Of State. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 110kb
08/11/05 Notice Of Oral Argument. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 48kb
08/11/05 Order Establishing Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 221kb
08/02/05 Parties Have Agreed To File Initial Briefs On September 6 And Reply Briefs On September 20, 2005 And The October 10 Hearing Date Should Be Set Aside For The Hearing Of Oral Arguments. United Telephone - Southeast 45kb
07/26/05 Initial Order Convening Contested Ase And Granting Motion To Consolidate Dockets. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 342kb
07/25/05 UTSE's Response To Filing Of TIB. United Telephone - Southeast 187kb
07/25/05 Modified Data Response. United Telephone - Southeast 427kb
07/20/05 Sprint Is Clarifying It's Request Made On May 26, 2005. Sprint Communications, Co. L.P. 50kb
07/18/05 Modified Response From TIB. The Information Bureau, Inc. 197kb
07/11/05 TIB's General Outline And Response. TIB, Inc. 156kb
06/17/05 Response To Request A PUC Directive And Motion To Consolidate Docket 05-00156 With Docket No. 05-00152. Sprint Communications, Co. L.P. 135kb
05/27/05 Petition. United Telephone - Southeast 114kb