Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0500046

Status: Closed Type: Other -- Other
Section: Panel: Kyle,Roberson,Miller


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
12/14/07 Concurring Opinion Of Director Ron Jones. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 171kb
12/14/07 Order Closing Docket. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 97kb
12/08/05 Letter Director Tate From The CAD. Consumer Advocate Division 282kb
12/07/05 Chattanooga Gas Agrees And Supports The Comments And Recommendations Of Director Tate At The November 21, 2005 Conference. Chattanooga Gas Company 348kb
12/02/05 Report On Workshop Meetings Held July 18, 2005 And October 5, 2005 By Director Tate. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 6553kb
10/18/05 Transcript Of Proceedings Wednesday, October 5, 2005. Nashville Court Reporter N/A
10/14/05 Data Response. Nashville Gas Company 980kb
10/03/05 Agenda For October 5, 2005 Meeting Addressing Consumer And Safety Issues. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 37kb
09/30/05 Chattanooga Gas Company Proposes That The TRA Hold A Workshop In Its Ongoing Natural Gas Generic Docket (05-00056) To Address Issues Related To The High Price Natural Gas. Chattanooga Gas Company 58kb
09/22/05 Comments Of Atmos Energy For October 5, 2005 Meeting Addressing Consumer Safety Issues. Atmos Energy Corporation 213kb
09/21/05 Additional Comments Of Nashville Gas Company. Nashville Gas Company 257kb
09/21/05 Consumer Advocate Intends To Provide An Oral Presentation At The October 5, 2005 Meeting. Consumer Advocate Division 36kb
09/21/05 Chattanooga Gas Company's Comments. Chattanooga Gas Company 383kb
09/21/05 Gas Technology Institute Intends To Present Oral Presentation At The Meeting On Wednesday, October 5, 2005. Gas Technology Institute 38kb
08/30/05 Notice Of Meeting Addressing Consumer And Safety Issues. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 49kb
08/19/05 Summary Of Revised Recommendations Of Chattanooga Gas Company. Chattanooga Gas Company 228kb
07/21/05 Transcript Of Proceedings, Monday, July 18, 2005. Nashville Court Reporters 44kb
07/06/05 Exhibit That Was Inadvertently Left Out The The July 1, 2005 Filing By Atmos Energy Corp. Atmos Energy Corporation 144kb
07/01/05 Notice Of Intent To Present Oral Presentation. Consumer Advocate & Protection Division 35kb
07/01/05 Comments Of Atmos Energy Corporation For July 18, 2005 Meeting On Procedural Issues. Atmos Energy Corporation 183kb
07/01/05 Notice Of Oral Presentation And Additional Comments Of Nashville Gas. Nashville Gas Company 279kb
07/01/05 Atmos Energy Corporation Provides Notice That It Will Give An Oral Presentation At The July 18, 2005 Meeting. Atmos Energy Corporation 29kb
06/28/05 Chattanooga Gas Company Hereby Provides Notice That It Intends To Provide An Oral Presentation At The Meeting On Monday July 18, 2005 At The TRA. Chattanooga Gas Company 33kb
06/13/05 Notice Of Meeting Addressing Procedural Issues. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 53kb
05/31/05 Transcript Of Proceeding Of Monday, May 16, 2005. Nashville Court Reporters N/A
05/20/05 Notice From Director Tate. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 108kb
04/15/05 Notice Of Status Conference. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 52kb
03/04/05 Atmos' Comments. Atmos Energy Corporation 60kb
03/01/05 Gas Technology's Comments In Repsonse To The Notice Of February 2, 2005. Gas Technology Institute 514kb
03/01/05 CAD's Comments. CAD 182kb
03/01/05 Chattanooga Gas' Comments. Chattanooga Gas Company 231kb
03/01/05 Nashville Gas' Initial Comments. Nashville Gas Company 304kb
02/02/05 Notice Of Filing Comments. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 44kb