Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0400434

Status: Closed Type: Other -- Other
Section: Section7 Panel: Jones,Kyle,Miller


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
02/07/06 Memorandum Of Understanding Between TDEC And TRA. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 61kb
09/15/05 Letter From Jefferson County Health Department. Jefferson County Health Department 56kb
06/21/05 Order Approving Report And Recommendation. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 6514kb
06/20/05 Data Response From Smith County. Smith County Planning Office 41kb
06/10/05 Data Response From White County. White County 58kb
06/10/05 Data Response From Henderson County. Henderson County 20kb
06/10/05 Data Response From Lawrence County. Lawrence County 31kb
06/10/05 Data Response From Washington County. Washington County 37kb
06/10/05 Data Response From Hartsville/Trousdale County. Hartsville/Trousdale County 74kb
06/08/05 Data Response From Lewis County Mayor. Lewis County 50kb
06/08/05 Data Response From Tipton County. Tipton County 35kb
06/07/05 Data Response From Overton County. Overton County 19kb
06/06/05 Data Response From Dickson County. Dickson County 22kb
06/03/05 Data Response From Grundy County Mayor. Grundy County Mayor 43kb
06/02/05 Data Response. Carrol County Mayor 43kb
05/20/05 Response Of Rutherford County. Rutherford County Engineer 55kb
05/12/05 Responses Of Metro Nashville Government And Shelby County Government. Various 69kb
05/12/05 Responses Of Haywood County And Hawkins County. Various 98kb
05/12/05 Data Response Of Weakley County Mayor. Weakley County Mayor 68kb
05/11/05 Response Of Hancock County Mayor. Hancock County Mayor 48kb
05/10/05 Data Responses. Various 346kb
05/09/05 Response Of City Of Trenton. City Of Trenton 79kb
05/09/05 Responses Of Marshall County Zoning Department And Hawkins County Board Of Commissioners. Various 56kb
05/09/05 Letters From Various Offices. Various 125kb
05/06/05 Data Responses From Various Companies. Various 808kb
05/06/05 Data Response From Rhea County Mayor And Bradley County Executive. Various 171kb
05/05/05 Data Response Of Cheatham County. Cheatham County 64kb
05/05/05 Data Response Of Meigs County Mayor's Office. Meigs County Mayor 59kb
05/05/05 Data Responses From Various Counties. Various 119kb
05/04/05 Letter From Various County Officials. Various 560kb
05/04/05 Letter From Henry County. Henry County Water Company, Inc. 137kb
05/04/05 Letter From Union County Mayor. Union County, TN 35kb
05/03/05 Data Response Of Rhea County. Rhea County 133kb
05/03/05 Response Of Pickett County Executive. Pickett County Executive 144kb
04/29/05 Letter To County Mayors That Have Not Responded To Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 341kb
04/28/05 Letter From County Mayor Of Coffee County. Coffee County Mayor 118kb
04/26/05 Data Response. Lynwood Utility Corporation 103kb
04/25/05 Responses From Various Counties. Various Counties 345kb
04/22/05 Copy Of Legislation Passed The 14th Day Of April. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 57kb
04/21/05 Data Responses From Various Counties Various 134kb
04/20/05 Data Response Of Maury County. Maury County 55kb
04/19/05 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 65kb
04/19/05 Data Response Of Metro Nashville And Davidson County. Metropolitan Government Of Nashville 62kb
04/15/05 Letter From Various Companies. Various 301kb
04/15/05 Hickory Star's Data Responses. Hickory Star Water Company 89kb
04/14/05 Response Of Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale And Madison County Mayor Jerry Gist. Various 62kb
04/13/05 Responses From The Mayor Of Cumberland County, TN, Blount County Dept. Of Environmental Health And Sumner County Executive. Various 188kb
04/13/05 Data Response From Franklin County, Tennessee, Metropolitan Government Of Nashville And Davidson County And Scott County Mayor's Office. Various 183kb
04/08/05 Data Response. Grainger County Executive 88kb
04/07/05 Letter Concerning Wastewater Forum. Various 177kb
04/07/05 Letters From Companies Concerning Wastewater Forum. Various 304kb
04/05/05 Data Response Of H C Sewage Treatment, LLC. H C Sewage Tratment, LLC 24kb
04/05/05 Data Response Of King's Chapel. Kings Chapel Capacity 30kb
04/04/05 Data Response. Cartwright Creek Utility Company, Inc. 41kb
04/01/05 Data Response Of Cartwright Creek Utility Company. Cartwright Creek Utility Company, Inc. 54kb
04/01/05 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 126kb
03/29/05 Data Response Of IRM. IRM Utility,inc 132kb
03/28/05 Letter From Aqua Utilities Company, Inc. Aqua Utilities Company, Inc. 78kb
03/22/05 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 97kb
03/21/05 Data Response Of Tennessee Wastewater. Tennessee Wastewater Systems, Inc. 104kb
03/18/05 Data Response Of Shiloh Falls Utilities, Inc. Shiloh Falls Utilities, Inc. 26kb
01/31/05 Report And Recommendation. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 8748kb
12/23/04 Comments From IRM Utility, Inc. On The Wastewater Forum. IRM Utility, Inc. 155kb
12/22/04 Comments From The City Of Pigeon Forge. City Of Pigeon Forge 151kb
12/16/04 Transcript Of Proceedings, Thursday, December 9, 2004. Nashville Court Reporters N/A
12/16/04 Wastewater Forum Agenda (Revised). Tennessee Regulatory Authority 77kb
12/15/04 Notice Of Filing Comments. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 32kb