Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0400306

Status: Closed Type: Petition -- Petition
Section: Section3 Panel: Kyle,Hill,Freeman


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
04/19/06 Order Approving Voluntary Dismissal With Prejudice Of XO Tennessee, Inc's Complaint Against Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc.. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 270kb
10/12/05 Parties Request That The TRA Accept Dismissals In The October 10, 2005 Filing Contemporaneously. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 83kb
10/10/05 BellSouth And XO Have Settled Their Disputes. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 51kb
09/27/05 The Comments That Were Due September 26, 2005 Should Also Be Held In Abeyance For An Additional Week. XO Tennessee, Inc. 55kb
09/16/05 XO Request An Additional Extension Until September 26, 2005 To File Comments. XO Tennessee, Inc. 39kb
08/26/05 XO And BellSouth Request An Additional Extension Until September 13, 2005, To File Comments On BellSouth's Previously Filed Cost Study. XO Tennessee, Inc. 38kb
08/12/05 Parties Are Still Engaged In Negotiations And XO Is Requestins An Extension Until August 30, 2005 To File Comments. XO Tennessee, Inc. 57kb
07/29/05 Parties Are Still Engaged In Negotiations. XO Tennessee, Inc. 55kb
07/19/05 Notice Of Filing Comments. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 48kb
04/21/05 BellSouth's Cost Study. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 521kb
04/15/05 BellSouth's Resopnse To March 29, 2005 Letter On Behalf Of XO Tennessee, Inc. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 346kb
03/30/05 BellSouth Disagrees With A Number Of Statements Set Forth In XO's Letter. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 42kb
03/29/05 XO Is Asking The TRA To Clarify The Scope Of BellSouth's True-Up Obligations. XO Tennessee, Inc. 115kb
03/29/05 BellSouth Requests That The Date For Filing The Cost Study Be Extended Until April 21, 2005. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 44kb
02/24/05 Letter Concerning XO's Request For Interim Relief Which Is On 02/28/05 Agenda. XO Tennessee, Inc. 1652kb
02/11/05 Response Of BellSouth To The TRA's Request To Be Informed Of Any Impact Of The FCC's Rules May Have On This Proceeding. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 121kb
02/11/05 Brief Of XO Addressing The Impact Of The FCC's Order On Remand On XO's Request For Interim Relief. XO Tennessee, Inc 386kb
01/27/05 BellSouth's Response To XO's Letter Of January 18, 2005. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 49kb
01/25/05 XO's Letter Supplementing The Request From XO Asking The TRA To Consider XO's Request For Interim Relief At The January 31, 2005 Conference. XO 203kb
01/18/05 XO Is Asking That This Matter Be Placed On The January 31, 2005 Agenda. XO Tennessee, Inc. 80kb
01/07/05 XO Is Reiterates Its Request For Interim Relief. XO Tennessee, Inc. 501kb
12/10/04 XO's Response To BellSouth's Request To Defer. XO 137kb
12/09/04 Bellsouth's Request To Defer. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 229kb
11/30/04 Data Response. XO Tennessee, Inc. 36kb
11/04/04 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 39kb
10/21/04 BellSouth's Response. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 2130kb
10/04/04 XO's Emergency FCC Petition For Expedited Determination That Competitive Local Exchange Carriers Are Impaired Without DS1 UNE Loops. XO Communications, Inc. 2935kb
09/21/04 Petition. XO Tennessee, Inc. N/A