Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0201274

Status: Closed Type: Other --
Section: Section 5 Panel: Kyle,Freeman,Roberson


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
09/21/09 Order Administratively Closing Docket. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 43kb
06/12/09 The Parties Are In Active Settlement Discussions And Request That The Docket Remain Open. Aeneas Communications, LLC 28kb
06/02/09 TRA Is Asking Parties Of Any Reason Why This Docket Should Remain Open. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 54kb
04/20/09 Letter From Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 20kb
02/02/09 Order Granting Joint Request For Sixty-Day Suspension Of Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 15kb
01/30/09 Joint Request For Sixty-Day Suspension Of Procedural Schedule. Aeneas Communications, LLC 58kb
11/03/08 Order Adopting Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 19kb
10/31/08 Counsel For Aeneas And AT&T's Suggested Procedural Schedule. Aeneas Communications, LLC 38kb
10/27/08 Joint Issues Matrix. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 89kb
10/21/08 Order Granting Aeneas' Request For Extension Of Time. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 15kb
10/17/08 Aeneas Is Requesting An Extra Week, Or Until October 27, 2008, To File The Joint Matrix And Proposed Procedural Schedule As Requested By The Hearing Officer. Aeneas Communications, LLC 38kb
10/03/08 Order Granting Request For Leave To Dismiss Time-Dated Claims & Directing Parties To Submit Joint Issues Matrix And Proposed Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 37kb
12/18/06 Order Appointing Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 33kb
10/16/06 BellSouth's Response To Restated Petition. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 226kb
09/15/06 Petitioner Requests Leave To Dismiss The Dated Claims And File Instead A Restated Petition. Aeneas Communications, LLC 403kb
09/15/06 BellSouth Needs To Research New Information And Arguments Submitted By Aeneas Before Filing A Response. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 45kb
08/25/06 Parties Are Requested To File Joint Letter Advising TRA Either That The Matter Is Being Resolved Or That Mediation Should Be Scheduled. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 47kb
01/31/06 Response of BellSouth to Richard Collier's letter of January 20, 2006 Aeneas Communications, LLC 16kb
01/31/06 Response To Richard Collier's Letter Concerning Complaint By Aenease Communications, LLC Against BellSouth Telecommunications Alleging Anticompetitive Business Practices. Aeneas Communications, LLC 16kb
01/25/06 Letter From Aeneas To BellSouth. Aeneas Communications, LLC 105kb
01/20/06 Letter To Guy Hicks And Paul Rice From Richard Collier. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 33kb
11/16/05 The Parties Have Not Resolved Their Disputes By Agreement, But Are Not Asking The TRA To Take Any Action. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 50kb
11/03/05 Letter Notifying The Parties That No Status Report Has Been Forthcoming. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 44kb
08/18/05 Status Report Of Aeneas. Aeneas Communications, LLC 140kb
08/03/05 BellSouth's Status Report Requested By The TRA On August 2, 2005. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 49kb
08/02/05 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 52kb
05/17/05 Status Report From Aeneas. Aeneas Communications, LLC 128kb
05/06/05 Order Leaving Docket Open And Directing Parties To Provide Case Status. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 82kb
05/04/05 Response Of BellSouth To The Letter From Aeneas To Joe Werner Dated March 25, 2003. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 395kb
03/14/05 Status Report Of Aeneas Communications, LLC. Aeneas Communications, LLC 74kb
09/29/04 Parties Are Notifying The TRA That The Parties Have Reached And Implemented A Settlement Of This Matter And No Action By The TRA Is Required BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 40kb
09/01/04 Complaint Lodged Against BellSouth By Aeneas. Aeneas 129kb
08/04/04 Second Letter To Parties Requesting A Status Report. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 83kb
05/14/04 TRA Is Asking For A Status Report Of The Parties' Negotiations. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 45kb
09/22/03 Order Directing Parties To Meet To Resolve Disputed Matters, Appointing Mediator And Permitting Filing Of Complaint. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 309kb
04/04/03 Rebuttal Of Aeneas To Response Of BellSouth. AENEAS 758kb
03/20/03 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 73kb
01/21/03 BellSouth's Data Response. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1063kb
12/20/02 BellSouth's Motion For Extension Of Time. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 192kb
12/11/02 TRA Asking BellSouth To Provide Response To Filing By Aeneas Internet & Telephone. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 1935kb
12/05/02 Complaint. Aeneas. 2085kb