Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0200890

Status: Closed Type: Other --
Section: Section4 Panel: Kyle,Miller,Tate


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
10/09/03 Order Accepting Withdrawal Of Petition. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 105kb
10/07/03 Notice Of Settlement And Withdrawal Of Petition. US LEC 85kb
09/10/03 Notice Of Status Conference. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 84kb
08/25/03 Joint Motion To Modify Scheduling Order. US LEC Tennessee, Inc. 88kb
07/17/03 US LEC's First Round Of Discovery Requests. US LEC 344kb
07/17/03 First Set Of Interrogatories, Requests For Production Of Documents And Request For Admissions Of Airstream Wireless Services To US LEC Of Tennessee, Inc. Airstream Wireless Services 605kb
06/12/03 Parties Response To The Procedural Schedule Issued On May 23, 2003. US LEC 67kb
05/23/03 Order Granting Request For Modification Of Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 155kb
05/13/03 Parties Are Proposing A Procedural Schedule. US LEC 116kb
05/08/03 Order Denying Joint Motion To Stay Proceedings, Modifying Procedural Schedule And Setting Hearing Date. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 229kb
05/06/03 Joint Motion To Suspend Proceedings Pending Outcome Of Two Related FCC Cases. US LEC 303kb
04/23/03 Notice Of Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 105kb
04/03/03 Initial Order On Jurisdiction. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 940kb
03/26/03 Data Response. US LEC 1190kb
03/19/03 Copies Of Two Court Decisions Referred To By US LEC In Its March 14, 2003 Filing. US LEC 1340kb
03/14/03 Brief Of US LEC On The Jurisdiction Of The TRA. US LEC 995kb
03/06/03 Order. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 63kb
03/05/03 Pleadings That Have Been Filed In The Shelby County Chancery Court. US LEC 6012kb
03/04/03 Airstream Wireless's Memorandum In Support Of Its Affirmative Defense That The TRA Lacks Subject Matter Jurisdiction Over This Cause. Airstream Wireless 1971kb
02/13/03 Order Modifying Briefing Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 142kb
02/12/03 Joint Motion To Modify The Current Briefing Schedule. Airstream Wireless Services 146kb
02/10/03 Order Convening A Contested Case Proceeding And Appointing A Pre-Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 130kb
02/07/03 Notice Of Briefing Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 207kb
09/23/02 Response Of Airstream Wireless Services To US LEC Of Tennessee, Inc.'s Petition For Declaratory Order. Airstream Wireless Services. 852kb
09/18/02 Amendments To The Petition For Declaratory Order. Boult Cummings. 206kb
08/23/02 Petition For Declaratory Order. US LEC of Tennessee, Inc. 375kb