Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0200819

Status: Closed Type: n/a --
Section: Section4 Panel: Kyle,Jones,Tate


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
04/02/03 Order Accepting Withdrawal Of Application. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 52kb
03/19/03 Company Is Withdrawing Application. Broadband Inoovations, LLC 81kb
02/18/03 First Round Of Discovery Requests To Broadband Innovations. Broadband Innovations, LLC 320kb
02/07/03 Order Denying Motion To Dismiss And Establishing Procedural Schedule. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 171kb
12/23/02 Response To Motion To Dismiss. Broadband Innovations, LLC 176kb
12/09/02 Motion To Dismiss. Aeneas Communications, LLC 502kb
12/06/02 Order Granting Petition To Intervene. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 309kb
11/01/02 Order Appointing Pre-Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 120kb
11/01/02 Letter Of Reassignment Of Panel. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 89kb
11/01/02 Letter From Director Miller Recusing Himself From This Panel. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 90kb
09/24/02 Motion To Amend Petition To Intervene. Boult Cummings. 92kb
09/18/02 Reply Of Aeneas To Objection To Petition To Intervene. Aeneas. 897kb
09/13/02 Data Response. Early, Lennon, crocker & Bartosiewicz. 161kb
08/29/02 Objection To Petition To Intervene. Early, Lennon, Crocker 196kb
08/14/02 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 74kb
08/13/02 Petition To Intervene. Aeneas Internet Services, LLC ("Aeneas") 161kb
08/07/02 Data Request. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 124kb
07/30/02 Application. Broadband Innovations, LLC 3636kb