Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0100964

Status: Closed Type: n/a --
Section: Section5 Panel: none


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
06/05/02 ORDER DISMISSING COMPLAINT. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 55kb
05/30/02 KMC's Motion For Approval Of Withdrawal Of Complaint. KMC Telecom. 177kb
05/07/02 UTSE's Motion To Quash And For Protective Order Regarding KMC's Notice Of Deposition Of Mike Fuller. United Telephone - Southeast 2311kb
04/30/02 KMC's Second Set Of Data Requests To UTSE. KMC Telecom 546kb
04/26/02 Notice Of Deposition. KMC Telecom 200kb
04/09/02 United Telephone-Southeast, Inc.'s Supplemental Response To Items 40, 41 And 43 Of The First Set Of Data Request From KMC. United Telephone - Southeast 102kb
04/05/02 Attachments To The Responses Of KMC (due To Volume, See Original In Docket Room). Unknown 74kb
04/04/02 Combined Responses Of KMC Telecom III, Inc. And KMC Telecom V, Inc. To UTSE's First Data Requests. Unknown 3413kb
04/03/02 UTSE's Response To KMCs Data Request (Original Copy in Patsy Fulton's Office). Unknown 86kb
03/18/02 UTSE's First Set of Discovery to KMC Telecom Holdings Inc., d/b/a KMC Telecom III, Inc and KMC Telecom V, Inc. Unknown 1650kb
03/13/02 KMC's First Set of Data Requests to UTSE. Unknown 1821kb
03/04/02 Protective Order. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 710kb
03/04/02 Marva Johnson and Scott Kassman for permission to appear on behalf of KMC Telecom III, Inc. and KMC Telecom V, Inc. Unknown 782kb
02/20/02 Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 91kb
02/04/02 Affidavits of Gordon D. Polozola and J. Randy Young to Appear on Behalf of KMC. Unknown 588kb
12/05/01 Response of KMC Telecom III, Inc. and KMC Telecom V, Inc. to UTSE's Motion to Dismiss and Motion for More Definite Statement. Unknown 371kb
11/28/01 Answer of UTSE to the Complaint Filed by KMC Telecom III, Inc. and KMC Telecom V, Inc. Unknown 3241kb
11/28/01 Order Appointing a Hearing Officer. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 54kb
11/02/01 Complaint Against UTSE. Unknown 10557kb