Tennessee Regulatory Authority Docket 0000851

Status: Closed Type: n/a -- Cocot
Section: Section5 Panel: none


Date Filed Caption Company Filing Size
03/25/02 Order Amending The December 12, 2002 Order Implementing 1000 Number Block Pooling in the 615 Area Code. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 550kb
12/11/01 Order Granting, In Part, BellSouth's Request for Extension of Time. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 129kb
01/24/01 Letter from BellSouth Summarizing and Confirming Discussions of January 23, 2001. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 81kb
01/16/01 BellSouth Responds to TRA Data Request. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 864kb
01/05/01 TRA Data Request Letter - Response Due by January 16, 2001. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 116kb
12/27/00 BellSouth's Motion for Partial Reconsideration. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. 1733kb
12/12/00 Order Implementing 1000 Number-Block Pooling in the 615 and 901 Area Codes. Tennessee Regulatory Authority 599kb
12/01/00 Petition of ALLTEL Communications, Inc. for Leave to Intervene. Unknown 75kb
10/20/00 Petition of Verizon Wireless, Inc. for Leave to Intervene. Unknown 52kb
10/10/00 Petition of Time Warner of the MidSouth, L.P., for Leave to Intervene. Unknown 49kb